Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My confess

O Love!
Try to get
My confess;

All whirls in heart,
Rending our beets
Ye may forget
Several  time's meets !

But how can a moment,
Hold them without retreats !

Even yet;
Life is passing with
Many Strife voyage !

O Love!
Try to get
My confess;

Earnest Love

Should I mourn;
On her parting!
Perhaps yes, but ;
't would be scornful deed,

Might be call it;
A petrified Heart !
But Earnest Love
Never get fed
And not so weed! 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Once you gave up Hope;
It would tough to gain again!
As poured water takes
Enough to form in grain !

Desires flippers in our mind;
As like dreams in awoken Eyes!
Hold and behold present;
Never would back, 't has infinite flies! 

Don't recall the past as gone;
Hold your Stirling faith,
All would be as you think;
Never doubt in your strength !