Friday, 12 October 2012

My coffin needs A little care

O ! My friends
My coffin needs 
A little care;
Since she's 
Just parted from 
My heart- beats!

I'm confused
What's wrong with we,
Could she utter 
Her reason to annoy 
I could apologize she!

But time is fled
And 't is out of Bounds,
Yet seems just 
Little worse in sounds!

Let sleep now 
My grieved Heart!
Was 't definite 
ever we'd have to part!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My confess

O Love!
Try to get
My confess;

All whirls in heart,
Rending our beets
Ye may forget
Several  time's meets !

But how can a moment,
Hold them without retreats !

Even yet;
Life is passing with
Many Strife voyage !

O Love!
Try to get
My confess;

Earnest Love

Should I mourn;
On her parting!
Perhaps yes, but ;
't would be scornful deed,

Might be call it;
A petrified Heart !
But Earnest Love
Never get fed
And not so weed! 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Once you gave up Hope;
It would tough to gain again!
As poured water takes
Enough to form in grain !

Desires flippers in our mind;
As like dreams in awoken Eyes!
Hold and behold present;
Never would back, 't has infinite flies! 

Don't recall the past as gone;
Hold your Stirling faith,
All would be as you think;
Never doubt in your strength ! 

Monday, 18 June 2012


Let it be not showered!
Like a deep sea of emotions,
Always find crushed !
Oh! let it not pass,
In our coming "Man"

Grieved he would what do?
If he"d be failed in Life
What he'd do
Only blame to fore fathers !

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Why; That's Why

I don't know;
My heart cries;
And why?

When a child
With starved face
Thirst and hunger,
None of us
Can deny ;

When a strife
Makes a heart
Evert the emotions,
In stormy Night!

Even we are
Little better than
Crutch ed life;
Yet should think
Of this cribs!
That's Why
It Cries!!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

" A Heart !

It's called A Heart;
Which gives us all,
That need for life;

It seems, is useless
Fails to feed in need!
Gives only grieves and pains;

Our nutritions are not so;
And not as needed for it,

It gets confused in task;
neither fails nor pass;
We want pure and perfect,
Where's it come as perfection !


The momentum which I Passed,
And you treasured in memories,
How could you lost ’hem now,
Oft I think and recall …………!
Still I get petrified ‘Remains’.

When I saw your visage in my heart
I felt luminous flame of glaring part
You still alive in these passed recalls.
Always your chanting hymns come falls

I was sure about your painting
But never not so soon,
Night has been passing since;
Waiting still glooming moon.

"A Wait of Hope for Her Faith ---"

Just now
If He is 
To come by saying,

Have passed
Only a few years,
Is the dry
Open the
Let it be
The gate of the house .....
Just now
If He is
To come by saying,

Every -
To hurt;
Hooked up,
Keep patient,
Not all mind,
Is broken
Spring is awaited ..........
Just now
If He is
To come by saying,

Eyes only
Have petrified
Has come
Of the Holocaust
Where reduced
Is dominated,
Around the eyes .................
Just now
If He is
To come by saying,

"Just got here, And soon confessed to"

Just got here,
And soon confessed to

We ask you to have many moments of the grievance,
Are you saying he's putting us era 
Heart is not filled yet ..........
And have started to hurt /
Just got here,
And soon confessed to

Eye's regrets is not seeing us,
Peace is one of my regrets, I do not get agreement,
Loneliness and eyes ...........
Has told you to be betrayed /
Just got here,
And soon confessed to

Do not leave my desires go unfulfilled;
You are a dream, not just the mouth turn down,
Aye just remember that ...............
And has told you to forget /
Just got here,
And soon confessed to